Vows of Elders and Deacons

We urge churches worldwide to join us in a Solemn League, reminiscent of this historical covenant, to commit unreservedly to the Westminster Standards and the Canons of Dordt in order to follow the “best reformed churches” in history on “doctrine, worship, discipline and government.” This call is particularly directed at pastors and churches that find themselves isolated within “denominations that have deviated” from these foundational truths to trust in their own doctrinal tastes as outlined in “their” subjective Book of Orders (which they penned themselves with others of like mind in a subjective attempt at identity). We offer fellowship and unity under the banner of Christ’s kingship, the authority of Scripture, and the rich theological heritage encapsulated in our confessional standards without exception. In this way, all ministers and deacons will vow to uphold this in the following manner:

Vows of all Elders, Deacons and Licentiates

Having seriously read Scripture, the Westminster Standards (comprising the 1647 Westminster Confession, The Larger and Shorter Catechisms, the Form of Presbyterial Church Government, the Directory for Public Worship, the Directory for Private worship, as well as the subordinate documents of the Sum of Saving Knowledge, Evidences of True Faith and Warrants to Believe) and the Canons and Decrees of the Synod of Dordt, and having read carefully the 2024 Solemn League and Covenant, I do declare in the sight of God and all here present, that I do believe, and am fully persuaded, that so far as I can discern and understand the Standards and the Canons, they are, in all things, agreeable to the Word of God, taking them in the plain and obvious meaning of the words without exception; and accordingly I do acknowledge them as the confession of my faith, and do promise, through divine assistance, faithfully to adhere to them; and if I am found delinquent in this, to be deposed from my position in the Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King, and my church office. I do promise to conform myself to the Scriptures, the Standards and the Canons, in my practice in this denomination, and my church office, as well as bind myself to this oath by vowing, attesting to and upholding the Solemn League and Covenant 2024. AMEN.


Rev. C. Matthew McMahon, Th.D., Ph.D.
Grace Chapel, Crossville, TN

Deacon, Donald Molloy
Grace Chapel, Crossville, TN

Rev. Fred Di Lella, B.S., M.A., Th.M.
Covenanted Reformation Church,
Hebbronville, TX

Rev. Scott Seidler, BABS., M.Div.
Grace Reformed Chapel of Panama City
Panama City, FL