Biblical Reformed Synod of
Christ the King

Christian, Confessional, Subscriptionist, and Complete adherence without exceptions.
2 Chron. 15:15, “And all Judah rejoiced at the oath; for they had sworn with all their heart.”

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Member churches will uphold the Westminster Standards and the Canons of the Synod of Dordt through the 2024 Solemn League and Covenant without exception. See the vows for officers and the 2024 Solemn League and Covenant for particulars.

Upholding the Bible and the Standards of the Church

The Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King is the only denomination on planet earth in our day that holds to the 1647 Westminster Standards and the Canons of the Synod of Dordt without exception, for the glory of Christ the King. Jer. 50:5, “Come, and let us join ourselves to the Lord in a perpetual Covenant that shall not be forgotten.”

In a defining moment of church history, guided by divine providence, in order to submit wholly and without reservation to King Jesus, a new denomination was founded by those seeking comprehensive reformation. Recognizing the absence of any denomination existing today that upholds the Scriptures through the unwavering embrace of the objective standards or the Westminster Standards and Canons of Dordt, we proposed the establishment of the Synod inviting other like minded churches to join with us under the Solemn League and Covenant 2024. Listen to this inaugural sermon from Isaiah 62:10 on what it means to have real, sincere and godly accountability by submission to the standards.

“There are no churches in my area to attend. What do I do?” Listen to this MP3 sermon, “Nothing will stop sincere believers from attending God’s true Worship,” Ruth 1:5-6.

Westminster Standards
Canons of Dordt
The Necessity of
Reforming the Church
Vows for Elders and Deacons

Unedited 1647 Standards

This is an unedited edition of the 1647 Westminster Standards (all documents), set under the Solemn League and Covenant, with the Sum of Saving Knowledge included. Click here for more information.

Books on Biblical Reform

Puritan Publications has been a prominent publisher of over 345+ Puritan and Reformed books since 2005, continually expanding their collection, they have over 82 Westminster Puritans published.

Psalm Singing

Why sing psalms?

Understanding how singing the psalms is Christ-glorifying and required by God’s prescriptions of all believers.

Regulative Principle

What is the RPW?

How worship to God ought to be a serious concern for the Christian.

Glory to Christ

The Gospel Proclaimed

How the Gospel ought to be proclaimed in the world as the Apostle Paul preached.

Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King